Ride ‘Em Space Cowboys!

My team of 5 teachers decided today on a Team Name….(sound the bugle) Team Space Cowboys. Ok, one hurdle done. On to the most important stuff, the experiment.

One of our experiments will be testing the surface tension of soap bubbles. So, the pretty cool thing is we get to play with bubble guns… nuff said. Our other experiment will be testing oscillating motion in microgravity. We get to play with springs and a pendulum. Again, how cool is that.
I will let you know exactly what we are testing when NASA approves our experiment. We have to submit our plans by June 8th.
However, today’s biggest event that happened today was the signing of my rights, away that is…in accordance with the Federal Aviation Act of 1958 issued by the FAA. I have life insurance incase, well, you know. I am a US citizen. NASA can use my voice and image. And something about all risks, hazards, and DISCOMFORTS (what?) inherent..to flight. Well, I signed it, so that is it.

About Hillyer

I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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