One week until project gets sent out

Ok, panic has set in. Less than 7 days.

We have to be ‘go for launch’ by 11 am next Friday. Mother of Pearl that is not enough time.
Did I mention that I am also attending Plasma Camp from 9-5 ALL next week so …. oh and 2 other Deputies….3 campers (deputies) away, 2 deputies here and one sheriff… The Sheriff, not worried….

I am learning that the scientific method, well, it is a lot of work. Simple experiment, bubbles, how HARD can that be. So many variables that can and do go wrong.

  • Formula of bubble solution, bubbles shouldn’t last too long -4 or 5 seconds under G.
  • power- battery or dc. Need battery but worked on dc today. Yes, we smoked the transformer, literally.
  • Weight of whole experiment, good but still need to watch… we are about 8 lbs away from max.
  • Lighting of bubbles for recording purposes. What shows up better on camera so we can view the bubbles.
  • Size of glove box, we or should I say I, forgot. We are building our experiment to fit in it but I forgot you have to fit your hands in the glove box to manipulate your variables… Thank goodness better minds than mine are on that one.
  • Cameras, to get our measurements, what should our frames per second be. How does changing that effect our camera battery life or sd card?

What has been so exciting about this whole experience for me is that it is real science. Today we had to search for metal to make a bracket to hold the motor. WE BUILD A BUBBLE GUN WITH A DC MOTOR (using LEGOS and a power supply) from basically scratch. We designed it, got the materials and used the drill to put it together. AND then we tested it. You know what, it didn’t always work. We tested what we built and that wasn’t the whole part of our experiment.  I am fascinated that our ‘simple’ bubble experiment has turned out to have so many more facets that I would have guessed.

So next time your teacher asks you to list all the things that can go wrong. Or make a list of problems  or even pros and cons. Don’t ask how many things do you want on the list. The answer is ALL the things that you can think of and when you are done thinking of all the things, think of more. You may never know all the possibilities until you actually do your experiment or lab.


About Hillyer

I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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