Crunch Time

Well, it is the last night before the Space Cowboys’ experiment has to be done … all up and running, ‘decorated’, secure, packed up and ready to be mailed to Houston.

Starting to get nervous. Thinking about packing. I believe all the other Deputies and The Sheriff are ready. All excited. I am starting to get the feeling, “Holy Shrimps, WE’RE GOING TO JSC AND FLYING IN MICROGRAVITY!

So, tonight the Deputies didn’t stay after Plasma Camp to work on our project. We all figured we will be ‘on site’ for most of the night on Wednesday. Thank goodness I like these people! We spend a lot of time together, I have been blessed.

Thinking of doing a #pppltweetup just like NASA did for the last shuttle launch.

On a side note, all this week from 9-4 I am attending Plasma Camp. I am learning all about plasmas. Boy do I feel way out of my comfort zone. However, I am steppin’ out. I worked with 2000 volts and vacuums down to 23 mTorr. I was scared. I signed a contract that said I would adhere to special rules because the power could be LETHAL. Not usually a work I like to work with. I will say I wish I had read those reference articles that were sent to me prior to Camp or at least brushed up on my electric currents, how to diagram a circuit, etc. The good thing is I can see how I am going to use this in my class already. This year we will introduce electricity. I know I can add plasmas right there. 


About Hillyer

I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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