T-7 till Houston… who’s excited? —> THIS COWGIRL IS!

As I prepare to do my  homework from plasma camp (yes kids I do homework too) and I know what your thinking who would give homework in the summer. My fellow Deputy is also my Plasma Camp Task Master. Would you believe he EVEN starts his classes ON TIME. What’s up with that? Just kidding. I will have plenty o’time to get him back as I am on, wait, he is ON MY flight to Houston and the experiment flight. Even though our team is 5 teachers and one scientist mentor, only 3 teammates fly on the Weightless Wonder at a time. As of this typing, I am now not sure if I am the 26th or the 27th.

Ok, as I prepare to do my homework, I am realizing that I am leaving for Houston in a

Look Ma, no pressure at Plasma Camp.

week. I still have to pack. And if you know me, I would have that done already and be living out of my suitcase from home so I don’t forget anything. And if you do know me, you also realize I am NOT doing my homework but blogging right now.

Space Cowboy and his gun (bubble gun that is)

Back to concentrating. Deputy One, Two, myself and Sheriff were in town today (at Plasma Camp). Our experiment is almost boxed up and ready to be shipped. A few things I didn’t realize: when NASA says Glove box, they mean your one hand goes in and you use that to move/turn on-off stuff. That presented a problem because {news flash} I’m short and so are my arms. Well it does turn out that the Sheriff and Deputy One is tall, long arms. They couldn’t do it. So thank goodness, we got the Sheriff. He, just like that, visualized an arm that would be attached to the camera on top of the top box that will move the camera around. So cool. Crisis averted.


Our project (Bubbles_Oscillators_TEDP_DraftC.FINAL)will be ‘broken’ down somewhat. The top experiment will be unscrewed and boxed separately from the bottom one. Probably the cameras and the probes will be package separately too. Also our bubble formulas will be mailed down too. Next Friday we will have a day of orientation, and spend quality time with our ‘baby’ again. Making sure it is put back the correct way. Practice some maneuvers.  Saturday we will have more training and professional development. Sunday, free time. I understand there is an oil rig that is now a museam in Galveston. So maybe we will do a tour. Monday is more training, minimal time with our project. Our project then will be questioned by NASA engineers and we (ok we volunteered Deputy Two) will defend our project. Tuesday-Flight. If I fly Wednesday, then Tuesday will be tour of Johnson Space Center (you know Apollo 13? Houston, we have a problem. Wait, bad reference) If I fly on Tuesday, the tour will be on Wednesday.

Ok, homework is waiting.


About Hillyer

I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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