Pre-launch Party

Today the Space Cowboys are getting together socially. So our families will meet each other, put names to faces etc.
TJ knows it is at Mr. Andrew’s house. I told TJ Mr. Andrew is really smart and good at soccer. T asked, “smarter than you?” eh hem, yes T there are smarter people than your mom. Hard to believe, I know. So I told T Mr. Andrew is a physicist. How does one explain that to a 10 year old? I will spend the car ride over trying. Of course Maggie could care less with the exception of this question,and says “is he going to make us answer multiplication questions?” Uh no. Mags proceeds to say how much she loves division. Then I break her heart, math doesn’t end at division. WHAT? I didn’t want to go any further but wait until she gets to Alg II. She’s 11, she has a few years.

So off to play, swim and eat and Have fun before the serious business of microgravity! Oh and packing.


About Hillyer

I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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