One week left until the Weightless Wonder takes flight for me!

I’m starting to pack. I have all the laundry done so I can just put it in my suitcase. We own a motorhome. I like to travel that way, I have everything I need, including the kitchen sink. I am having some worries about not having everything I need. I rarely travel, let alone by plane (makes the vomit comet more interesting for me ya know). Well, I ‘d like to have my house with me. I know, I know, I’m going to Houston, there has got to be a Walmart near by…. My son, T asked me today, “Do you need anything, momma?” “Just a hug,” I said. He obliged. We set up Skype already, tested it. Set up texting on his iPad and my daughter’s iPod, set up Facetime, set up the kids’ twitter accounts (they need to get my blog tweets too). All my means of communication with my family are a-go. Oh, the cell phone works too. Remember when that was all you had? Remember when you didn’t even had that?

Departure for me is Thursday at 11:50 am. My family will drop me off at the airport no later than 10 am. Leave home at 8:30-9 am. I am happy my kids will come with me to send me off. My middle child, T, has a learning disability, he is perceptually impaired. He is having the most difficult time off all the kids with me leaving. When I went to the NSTA’s convention in SF, he cried. The first night he called and asked me to come home. He survived and by the 3rd night, during our Skype chat, he was running around the kitchen teasing his brother instead of talking to his momma. He’ll be ok. I keep telling myself. I did cry yesterday. It might be because I will miss him and his siblings or it might have been because my daughter had a very special day in her life. I can’t say more let’s just say I’m glad it happened yesterday and not next week. Nuff said.

In thinking about this whole experience I am excited but wonder if anyone else is excited too. There has not been much interest in my experiment. I spoke to Andrew, one of my bosses at PPPL, about this. He has had some similar experiences. I think, OMG, I’m going to be in zero-gravity. And yet I’m not sure if I’m more excited to go to Johnson Space Center, Mission Control, where so much history has taken place. When you hear the astronauts speak to ‘Houston’, that’s me, that is where I’m going!!!!!


About Hillyer

I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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