Why I’m blogging about this

I was never any good at writing. Would you believe when I was at WJHS, I told Mr. F I wanted to be a sports reporter? It is pretty funny now because I was in the lower level language arts class. No one in my family ever went to college, heck only one of my 3 other siblings graduated HS. No one, not my family, not me, probably not my teachers would ever think I would graduate college. It wasn’t easy but I did it. I got my BS in Biology. Then went on to get my MAT in Teaching. I was then able to get out of Bunns Lane ( low income housing that I grew up in since I was about 2).
I am writing this blog for all those Bunns Lane kids that I grew up with and the ones after me and the current ones. There are kids that are “from the Lane” , like me, are all over, probably in the school I teach. This blog is for all those “Laner kids” that don’t believe in themselves. That they can’t become somebody. YOU CAN. I did it. Look at me I am about to go to Johnson Space Center, walk the walk of greats, fly in microgravity. My mom ( parents were divorced when I was one) didn’t even have a car. We walked to the grocery store. I had to take 2 trains and a bus to just visit a college. But I did it. You can too. You can do whatever you want to do or to be.
I write this blog for that:
shy student who doesn’t have the confidence to ask for help
the student who doesn’t think he is smart enough
the girl who is told, “Don’t think you’re better than anyone else just because you’re going to college.”
the teenager who is ignored at the counter because of the color of his/her skin, or other physical appearance

I write this blog for anyone who thinks I CAN’T, because YOU CAN!






About Hillyer

I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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2 Responses to Why I’m blogging about this

  1. Dawn Nakash says:

    An inspirational start to my day!

  2. Kathy Gentile says:

    So very touching…I’m so glad you shared that message ❤

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