The Road Most Traveled

Didn’t really sleep last night. Tried to stay up as long as possible with the kids. Probably not a good idea for them. Went to bed after midnight. Got out of bed at 4, if my alarm clock wasn’t blinking from the power going out days ago, I would have seen 2 and 3 am too.
The real morning when everyone was up and about was fine, not much traffic on route 9. However we missed the first entrance for the airport. I could see Continental just couldn’t get over to the right. Look kids! Big Ben Parliament became look kids, there’s the plane, there’s the terminal if we could just find the ramp to terminal c.
Once we did, all was well not really. Did you know that an RV is over 8 feet tall? Did you know that the loop around Newark airport has sections that an 11 ft high RV can’t pass. Just sayin’.
We made it and I said my goodbyes. The kids wanted to see my plane take off. I’m sure Tom and the kids will look up in the sky about noon and see me.
Check in went well. And would you believe I made it through security ok. No problem.
I am waiting right now for some of my teammates and others from PPPL to join me. I have an hour until the flight leaves. Good sign, the plane was here before me! Bad sign, I’m the only one going to Houston wearing a cowboy hat!
I just heard the laughter of a young boy has his earphones one. What a hardy laugh, it must be funny. I miss my kids.


About Hillyer

I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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One Response to The Road Most Traveled

  1. Dawn Nakash says:

    Enjoy! I will think of you throughout the week and hope the trip was all you hoped! Be good. Be safe.

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