I have lots to tell and pics to back my stories.
I will just say for the record I did not push that woman and That woman had no right to push me 3 different times because she was showing me what I did to her. Yes, Virginia there are crazy people all over and today I was not one of them.
I got good standing pics and video of the welcome ceremony. I’m in the car so I can’t post that now but will … I’m not driving and texting!
We spent the morning getting id’s. Filling paperwork, safety training, set up experiment, and then stop. Go wait in the heat/sun out of the hanger to wait for us to be called back in to greet the STS135 crew. That was about 45 min, then another hour to wait for the crew to come. Wow, nice fanfare.
I got the autographs of Doug Hurley, pilot, and Christopher Ferguson, commander. How well spoken all of them were. It was truly an inspiring, awesome experience.


About Hillyer

I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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One Response to OMG

  1. Kathy Gentile says:

    That woman better watch out because Jersey women can only take just so much before we teach them a lessson!

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