We’re Here!!!

Every one arrived safely! We all arrived in spurts. It is warm here but apparently not as hot as NJ!!! We (my SUV group that is in the Ford Excursion) had one minor (ok major) incident on the road. Our Sheriff was driving and I’m going with the statement, what happens in Houston STAYS in Houston. We weren’t in a car accident and that is all that will be said for now. No further comments, for now….

Our rooms are not quite what we expected. We have one pullout couch and a queen bed for two people. I know my roommate. She is one of The Deputies but not everyone knows everyone. So some people are a bit uncomfortable with sharing  a room, being that close, with a stranger. There are 41 people down here from PPPL. Some are administration who really work for PPPL. Most are in education in some way. Many public school teachers, and others are teachers in other ways. I met a woman from Franklin Institute’s education department. Having said that everything else is great.

I went out to eat a taco fast food restaurant. Not Taco Bell, although there is one across the street. Taco Cabana. Pretty good. Weird: they serve beer at the place. Other weird thing, we were behind a SUV with a “mobile concealed weapons license” business. Good to know. Also good to know, we can walk to the food store.

It was hard to sleep last night. Lots of excitement. We are invited to WELCOME BACK RECEPTION FOR THE SPACE SHUTTLE CREW. How cool is that!!!!


About Hillyer

I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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