Ok first of all, I wrote this blog at 1:20 am and it is now missing!!!!

Me, giving a press conference... Just Kidding

I was blessed with another awesome experience. Believe it or not it was all about professional development! The teachers in the program got together to make lessons on our own project and then picked someone else’s project to use in our classroom.
What creative and inspirational speakers, teachers and just plain ol’ folks. I felt vey comfortable with all my Space Cowboy teammates and with new “teammates” too.
For the SC team, we made great progress with making multi-leveled, interdisciplinary lessons on the surface tension in bubbles.
Then we went tolunch( played a game of pool… Didn’t win).

After lunch we chose a project that we wanted to use in our classroom. I chose the mentos and diet coke in zero gravity. I will write more about that later.

Andrew announcing the poster winner

Winners of the poster contest

For dinner we went out to Galveston to Top Water Grill. The red snapper was very good. Again I have pictures but I am writing this on my phone and the photos are on my computer.

The King and I

Me and My Roomie, a Deputy


The Gang at dinner

Today we have“off”. We found a Waffle House! Now we are off to Galveston to view an oil tanker museum!

The Sheriff and I working on a Rig

The top of the oil tanker at the museum


Im in the Gulf of Mexico!!!


The Gulf at Galveston


Texas sure is big but.. I’m not sure what I expected but it doesn’t look like what I thought it would look like, looks like home, only bigger


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I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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One Response to Bonding

  1. Kathy Gentile says:

    It must be found because I had the pleasure of reading this post. Thanks for all the updates….keep them coming.

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