I don’t know where to begin

****WARNING*****  This post may show signs of my ADHD

I’ll start with today and work backwards, then forwards probably. I woke up today nervous, why? I had to finish fixing anything that needed to be done for the crew going today. I was more nervous for them because I know now how exciting it is!

To yesterday- had a great night sleep! Woke up, got dressed. Eat a normal breakfast. Got to >>> BRB<<<< had to watch my partners’ flight take off.

Ok back where was I… Oh yeah

Got to Ellington Field. 2 representatives of our team that weren’t flying, went to the morning meeting at 7:45. The other deputies and I went to the meds meeting at 8. Only to be told we were delayed an hour. They needed to take off the plane one experiment so that they could fix it on the ground. Ok, it gave me more time to use the restroom. It takes some time to take the flight suit off your shoulders…. At 9 am we went back into the room to take our meds. Now, I really didn’t want to tell the doc – aloud- what dose I had to take because it pretty much gives away your weight…. well that was a fear that I really wanted to get it over quick. Ok, did it. Ugh. 

The meds were ScopDex. It was  scopolamine (anti motion sickness, downer) and dexedrine (upper). An upper and a downer. The upper kicks in first, then the downer balances it out. However, the upper doesn’t last as long (4-6 hours) while the downer lasts much longer. So what should have happened was that I was feeling good, then ok, then really tired over the course of the day. I would say I was fine the whole day. Others said differently since I ran off the plane w/ my hat in my hand and up in the air running toward my crew.  But I will get to that after I talk about the flight.

We walk single file onto the plane. I put my outreach projects in a stow away container. Went back to my seat in the back of the plane. The plane closed the door, seat belted in. Grabbed lifesavers… you are very dry with the meds.

Flight taxis to the strip. Took right off. About 10 min into flight, we are told to unbelt, and get our experiment ready. We were still ascending! I realized it was slightly difficult to walk up that incline especially since the plane was padded and we walked on padding!

Turned on what we needed to do for our experiment. Then the call was made, 1 minute. Now the flight crew, aka, blue suits, let us know it was time. I laid down on the floor. I could feel the heaviness on my chest, 1.8 g.  That is only .8 over what we feel on earth. 1-g is what we feel on earth. I took deep breaths. We were heading up on the parabola. Then it hit. Zero-g…. I never thought I would be lifted up in the air. I hit the ceiling of the plane! I couldn’t control myself. I tried to bring my knees in. Another blue suit yelled, feet down. Yeah right. If I could I would. The gravity started to rise, and I was returned to the ground. I laid down and felt the heaviness again. We were allowed 3 more parabola’s like this then a blue suit called out, Research. I tried my hardest to turn on the bubble gun I did but I couldn’t turn it off. I finally did but boy was it hard because the next weightlessness was only 20 seconds away! Trying to unzip your pockets and get your stuff out, zip them back up, and then video tape while holding on and then letting go of your outreach, well DARN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE!!!

He is the flight surgeon and yes he is right side up!


The feeling of weightlessness. So odd. You just feel like you are being picked up. Nothing like a roller coaster. No butterflies. However, because I am so short, I could not reach the ceiling to stop myself, the flight surgeon was holding me by the seat of my pants most of the zero g time. Well, let me go back one zero-g experience. I got so out of control, I flew over the experiment and couldn’t get down and got yelled at by a blue suit. Hey, I didn’t mean too!

Coolest thing EVER: I asked one of the blue suits to turn me. So he said, get in a ball on the ground. I did then when the zero-g hit, he started to turn me. Like I was doing summersaults in the air!!! IN THE AIR I WAS ROLLING AROUND. OMG how cool is that. And guess what. It didn’t feel weird or nauseous at all. 

I can’t wait for the NASA photos and video because I have a surprise photo for you all! My photos on the other hand, not so great. My video camera shots are enough to make you vomit even if you didn’t on the plane.

My crew is on their way back, I need to get debriefed more later.




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I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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2 Responses to I don’t know where to begin

  1. I can read your excitement and enthusiasm in your posts. Sounds awesome. What a great experience for you and your future students.

  2. Hillyer says:

    It is actually far better than what I wrote! Put it on your bucket list!

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