I sang with an Astronaut

Yesterday we started our goodbyes. I didn’t cry but I was close. My roommate left. I will miss her very much. Odd that two girls that never met before May could grow to become BFF’s just like that. But I’d like to think my sterling personality had something to do with that. Or hers! Know what I’m sayin’? LOL

We were given a challenge. Some how represent your experience/experiment and present it any way you can on the last day. Kinda vague. We prepared ours like all the others and what ours students do, last minute. THEN we were told that a VIP or two would be there. Well that last time we were told that we were having a VIP, it was Deputy Director Adam Cohen. While that is a BIG deal, I have meet him before and even had him Skype (Google Chat) with my students before. So I wasn’t sure who this new VIP would be. Andrew “our reason for being here” Zwicker, announces the night before our presentation that Leland D. Melvin, Astronaut-Associate Administrator for Education @NASA – NFL player- Photographer-all around great guy and supporter of education.

We made our presentations to all the 41 educators plus the NASA/DOE folk. Some did power point, some did skits, some sang. BTW the AC wasn’t working. However, we fed, and sang. As Space Cowboys, we had a good ol’ fashion campfire sing along (ok minus the campfire). We handed out the lyrics to our songs so the audience could sing along. We handed out s’mores (Teddy Grahams, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows). And like any Cowboy, we invited our new friend to come up and sing with us. He didn’t have a cowboy hat, and like any other cowboy, I gave him mine.  He jumped at the chance to sing and dance with us and…. he was overheard calling us awesome! I do have video and will post it.

I’m pretty sure if we didn’t have the best presentation, it sure was close. There were some pretty awesome and creative presentations. But more on that later.

We then were given our certificates and had to go back to the hanger to pack up our experiment and put it in a crate to be sent back up to NJ.

Since it was our last night we went to Kemah’s boardwalk. I ‘swung’ with DD Adam Cohen to a live singer on the boardwalk. I loved it. Very cute black mail video of Adam and I. I looked like a yo-yo being swung around.

We ate at a seafood restaurant called Landry’s. Great food but most importantly GREAT company. As one of my Deputies pointed out, the camaraderie has been incredible. I will miss that the most.



About Hillyer

I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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