Back to School Night 9-13-2011

Back to School Night

Guidelines for Grade 7 Science Program


The science program at Matawan Aberdeen Middle School seeks to give students a continuing exploration to the world of science. The goal for this year will be to demonstrate the relevance of science to the students’ everyday lives by application of the scientific method in problem-solving and by providing hands-on activities after a concept has been taught. This will be accomplished through laboratory investigations that give the students the opportunity to apply what has been learned. When students see how science relates to their daily lives their interest level is kept high making them better science students.

Subjects to be covered:

  1. 1.     Environment *
    1. Living Things and the Environment
    2. Changes in Communities
    3. Energy Pyramids
    4. Cycles of Matter
  2. 2.     Motion, Forces and Energy
    1. Energy and Power
    2. Electric Circuits
    3. Describing and Measuring Motion
    4. Acceleration
    5. Nature of Force
    6. Force, Mass, and Acceleration
    7. Friction and Gravity
    8. Action and Reaction
  3. 3.     Cells and Heredity
    1. Microscope and Cell Theory
    2. Cell Structure and Function
    3. Chemistry of Living Things
    4. Moving Materials In/Out of the Cell
    5. Cell processes
    6. Genetics
  4. 4.     Animals
    1. What is an Animal?
    2. Worms
    3. Amphibians
    4. Food Web/Food Chain

*Comprehensive materials will be provided as well as the ISN (Interactive Science Notebook) to study for this subject. No formal textbook is provided.

This year we will be working on a project that will be an interdisciplinary unit on Energy/Solar/ Circuits and efficiency. We will be making a house out of shoeboxes. Run them with circuits powered by batteries (lights and motors), test temperature efficiency and then run them on solar power. This project will be ongoing and most will be done in class and the building of the house will be done in pairs.

The math teachers will graph the math portion in their classes and the LAL teachers will be teaching the proper way to write a research paper in order to present our final findings of our research. Each student will be responsible for his/her own research paper to be graded for content by the science teacher.


Patricia J. Hillyer

Science Teacher

Matawan Aberdeen Middle School

469 Matawan Avenue

Cliffwood, NJ 07721

TWITTER: iHillyer

FACEBOOK: mrs. hillyer’s science class


NASA’s Microgravity University 2011

Weightless Wonder Space Cowboys

US DOE ACTS 2010 Intern

Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory


About Hillyer

I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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