Great First Week

Hard to believe we have been in school over a week. I feel like time is going so fast. I like my schedule, albeit it is still a struggle to come in and begin teaching at 8:04a. I also can’t believe I leave the house before my kids! I’m a morning person but leaving my house at 6:30a is EARLY! And the fact that we all have gotten sick this week seemed to make it even harder to get up and ready to teach… which brings me to being thankful…My principal granted us a spirit day on Friday… dress in any team jersey as a reminder that we are all on a team: TEAM HUSKIE. I am thankful I got to wear my USA Hockey jersey, it was very comfortable especially since I am sick.

But back to school…. This week the students were introduced to the Shoebox Project. This Efficient House 2012-13 project will take us through our whole school year. I started the scientific research project last year after doing ‘real’ research myself at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. I decided our students should experience ‘real’ research too. The students are excited about this project as am I.  I should thank PPPL here, too. They have helped this project by purchasing supplies and let me attend the USA Science and Engineering Festival last spring in DC to show off last year’s projects.

We also set up our Interactive Science Notebooks this week. I love them. The kids like them, for the most part. To me, it is our science lab/research book. We are using the Cornell Style Note taking set up.

I am trying something new this year… perhaps as an incentive, perhaps just because…. it could be called Music Monday, or Totally Tuesday or Wacky Wednesday (looking for something for Thursday) or even Freaky Friday…. but what it really is…. a reason to play some music during class. Of course we celebrated Freaky Friday this week, mainly because I was dancing for them. That’s what put the Freaky in the Friday, this week!


About Hillyer

I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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2 Responses to Great First Week

  1. Kathleen Gentile says:

    Great first week…wish I was a student in your class! Have an awesome year!

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