Crowd funding

Ever since I flew in zero-g, I gained the confidence to try new things. New things in my personal and professional life… This past year I submitted a proposal to present my own ideas, with a fellow zero-g alum, on project-based learning at the New Jersey Science Convention. The proposal was accepted but as a long shot I submitted a proposal to the National Science Teacher Association’s convention in Boston, too. My partner and I went on to NJSC to enlighten other teachers in NJ on PBL. It was a wonderful experience.
Then the email came from NSTA.. We were going to Boston… Yeah… Oh no, how were we going to pay for this trip??? Crowd funding… WHAT? It was suggested to me based on all my social media accounts, to self promote to raise money… That simple… I set up the website, told what I am doing…. And within minutes I received $20!!! With in 2 months I have raised $700!!! Yep that isn’t an extra zero! People that I haven’t met yet, people I haven’t seen in 30 years, my district, admins, as well as neighbors and family have donated. I have been humbled by everyone’s generous offers.
I have just under 2 more months left to crowd fund and I am almost at 50%. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this is working! If you need to raise funds, I highly recommend it…. And if you are interested in helping me:


About Hillyer

I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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