It’s Contagious!


I had a great time at the 3rd USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, DC.

I was invited down to DC to help out at the DuPont hands-on booth and The DuPont Challenge booth by PJ Simon. The DuPont Challenge is a science essay contest for students middle school and high school. They are even coming out with a junior challenge for younger children. Something for everyone!



On Saturday, I worked with children of all ages on solar panels. It is such a charge (ha ha) to witness the kids’ face light up ( ha ha again- with delight, not with the photons being emitted from the incandescent lamp). It is exciting to see youth interested in science and engineering. Their excitement is contagious!

IMG_4591 IMG_4590 IMG_4589 IMG_4587 IMG_4586 IMG_4585 IMG_4584

Of course the #SciFest had other things to “catch”. There were hundreds of exhibitors including one who “gave” children a virus. The kids had to scan the QR code to pass on the virus and answer questions online to gain points to get the antidote. Really neat. NASA also used 3D and the QR code to let you move the Mars Rover while wearing the 3D glasses.





I was ‘this close’ to Mike Rowe.          20140427-175446.jpg

P1040040 P1040041 P1040042 P1040043 P1040045

I like Mike Rowe.

I did not see Bill Nye or Michio Kaku but thy were there. I did met from children, teachers and administrators from VA, MD, DE and NJ. This is the festival’s 3rd year and it has had to expand to a 2nd floor already!

I do have to personally thank DuPont and NSTA for sponsoring this trip for me. I love being involved with science and kids. Especially when I get to promote it.

My personal favorite highlights were running the booths … talking to the kids. Great feeling the excitement they have about doing and making science! It’s contagious.



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I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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