The Power in Words

I have been practicing yoga for almost a year now. I fully understand being able to do poses is not what it is all about but I struggle with some basics. All the yogis tell you it isn’t a competition, do what you can…. that is hard for me. I have attended classes in a variety of settings: school, a hot studio, home and the beach. By far, the beach is the best. I usually go to Monday’s class but decided I needed to go to today’s class.
I dropped off from doing yoga for a while in the spring do to other things going on. I love doing it but obligations with the kids and doing stuff around the house started to consume me. This week I had a particularly bad series of events happen, nothing life-threatening but still upsetting. I said I need to do something for myself and got myself to the beach this morning. I am thankful I did.
At today’s class, while I was struggling, a truly remarkable thing happened. The instructor complimented me! Me, the one who was struggling to do a downward-facing dog! She said I had perfectly squared hips! I know, doesn’t sound like much…. but how did that motivate me to push forward. At the end she came up to me and told me how great I was in my practice and had the best hip and back form she had ever seen. She even asked to take a picture of me next week. I was stunned and speechless. Which rarely happens. I did my best to stammer out a “thanks”.
As I drove home from the beach this morning, I thought wow, she changed the direction of my day today. How powerful those few words were to me! Then I thought about my students who struggle… everyday. Those that don’t receive praise or a compliment. I remember last year telling my students on the first day of school how I was so lucky because my class roster had all the student on it that I wanted. At the end of this school year, a student asked me if that was true… of course it is! He smiled.
The power in words. Use them wisely and carefully. You never know the impact you have on someone.

Point Pleasant Beach Yoga

Point Pleasant Beach Yoga


About Hillyer

I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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