Oh What A Night! ( and Day) #CoolScience

First full day in Chicago.

DuPont and NSTA sponsored my trip. Everything is first class. This is the lobby and the steps lead up to the Welcome Breakfast from DuPont.

I attended a workshop on science safety as I am now on NSTA’s Safety Board.

Tons of opportunity to learn here.

I did attend a talk and discussion panel.

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan speaking with a panel of teaches. He was inspiring and he listened!! He actually took notes. Very impressive.

What an experience! But….the best was yet to come.

Dinner at the Musesum of Science and Industry in Chicago, Il.

As you know, I flew in zero-gravity with Leland Melvin. He was at our dinner and autographed a picture of us from a few years ago. And yes I’m in the picture…I’m just too short in the photo. 

SaladSurf and turfThe theme was cool science… And we were … And it was…EditAlways learning … Even at dinner


Selfie in front of museumDinner under the planes 

And at the end of the night of coolness… We must say good night…

Again always learning… Leland Melvin told me ( and this is the security guard not LM), I’m taking a wheezie, or is it ‘we’sie? Not a selfie…


About Hillyer

I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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