A Taste of Chicago #NSTA15 #coolscience

The Palmer House Hilton was spectacular. This is the lobby.IMG_7121_2

The convention center was so big it took me 30 min to find one room I was meeting in! This is just one side of it.

IMG_7124_2 IMG_7125_2 IMG_7126_2

The city of Chicago (at Wabash and Monroe) was empty…. until the parade watchers came out…. starting at 7:30am. These pictures are showing off the L, for elevated train. IMG_7141_2 IMG_7142_2 IMG_7143_2 IMG_7144_2 IMG_7145_2 IMG_7146_2 IMG_7147_2

Our hotel hosted the 2015 Maryland Men’s Basketball team. It was really cool cheering them on as they left for their game (they lost though ).IMG_7148_2


SAINT PATRICK’S DAY – Dyeing of the river green! Don’t worry the dye is safe.IMG_7193_2 IMG_7194_2 IMG_7195_2


The parade revelers made the streets so crowded they had to start closing streets. Our van driver to take us back to the airport had to park a block away and find us. Some travelers missed their flights. It took over an hour just to get out of the city. IMG_7199_2 IMG_7201_2 IMG_7203_2



About Hillyer

I'm a passionate 7th grade science teacher looking to inspire others.
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