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Hidden Figures: Why lighting other’s candles only brightens your flame!

This movie could not have better timing… minority women rocking it…  I love everything about this movie… but I love the support of women in this movie and it showing girls today that lighting a candle doesn’t diminish YOUR flame. … Continue reading

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Life Changing Professional Development, what positive PD are you doing to change your teaching?

There are moments in our lives when we know we are forever changed for the better. Not very often does a single experience transform a professional philosophy like this one has. I have had the privilege of witnessing the beauty … Continue reading

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Oh What A Night! ( and Day) #CoolScience

First full day in Chicago. DuPont and NSTA sponsored my trip. Everything is first class. This is the lobby and the steps lead up to the Welcome Breakfast from DuPont. I attended a workshop on science safety as I am … Continue reading

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Destine for greatness

We had a moment if silence in class the other for the victims of 9/11. As a teacher I recounted to them what happened that day at our school. Some of my 7th graders had not yet been born, some … Continue reading

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Best Job in the World

I just found out that one of my former students just came in 4th in the International Brain Bee. I feel like a proud momma! There is just such pride in knowing this young man, seeing him grow and feeling … Continue reading

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My comfort zone is changing! YIKES

I attended an edcamp for the first time yesterday.  EdcampSTEAM. I really thought I was too type A to do this. After all, you go to edcamp and have no idea what topics will be covered…. I’m a planner. I … Continue reading

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Everyone needs a champion STILL

I have had a few champions in my life. A few I still have, a few I don’t. I continue to look for people that lift up others. I was invited by PJ Simon this week to attend National Agriscience … Continue reading

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Forever Learning

Just because you are the teacher, doesn’t mean you’re always right. I had a discussion in class about Tinker Bell and tinkering. I said no she wasn’t a tinkerer. My student, KM, said didn’t you read the lore???? Uh, no. … Continue reading

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The Butterfly Effect ( of teaching)

The impact of one… Happy Teacher Appreciation Day, the Podcast, which is what I want you to listen to, is at the end of the status… It is 27 min long but worth it ( if link doesn’t work search … Continue reading

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